HughesNet Gen5 Internet 15 GB Plan

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Hughesnet Satellite Internet

HughesNet Gen5 Internet 15 GB Plan offers 25 Mbps download speeds, and is great for online activities like browsing the web, emailing, streaming entertainment, downloading and uploading photos, and more. This plan includes 15 GB of data per month, and it's perfect for casual internet users who don't watch a lot of movies or videos online. The HughesNet 15 GB plan also includes Wi-Fi service that's built right into your modem, so you can easily connect the wireless devices in your home at no additional charge! 


 /mo. for 6 months plus taxes, fees, and surcharges. Products, prices, and services not available in all areas.

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Broadband Type: 
Satellite Internet
Max Download: 
Up to 25.0 Mbps
Max Upload: 
Up to 3.0 Mbps
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