About Internet by Zip

About InternetbyZip.com

What We Do

We research internet service providers and the services they offer. We're constantly adding internet providers and availability information to our data, helping us build a better availability resource for everyone. We believe choosing an Internet Service Provider should be easy. No one wants to spend all day searching for phone numbers, making calls, and waiting on hold just to talk to a representative who may or may not be friendly, and who might not give you all of the information you need when you’re choosing a internet service provider. That’s where we come in. Use our free internet provider availability search to locate internet in your local area. The ISP zip code search tool located at the top of this page helps you compare high-speed internet prices, features, and speeds from ISP's near you!

How We Help

Internet by Zip wants to help people find the best service available to their home at the best possible value for their needs. The process of finding an ISP can be daunting, and information about the services they provide can be vague and confusing. "Hidden" fees and surprise service charges or add ons can be very frustrating and turn a lot of customers off before they can even find the answers to their questions about pricing and availability. We try to help lift the veil on the difficult process of searching out which providers can actually give you a connection, what levels of service are available to you, and what your bottom line monthly bill should be. We strive to compile all of this information and spare you the headache of sifting through it all on your own. We want to make finding and ordering internet service as informative and simple as possible.

Why Use Internetbyzip.com?

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✓ Since 2003, we've specialized in collecting, compiling, and aggregating availability data about internet services and providers. Our dedicated team is constantly searching for additional sources and infomation, allowing us to provide you better insight and more in-depth details on every residential internet provider, large and small.

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✓ We want you to be able to freely search for internet services in your zip code and connect with the provider of your choice. We are the only internet availability site that provides direct contact and ordering information for every provider. We let you know when a provider is using a third party partner. We don't funnel you into call centers against your will, or try to force you into choosing one provider over another.

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✓ We're independent and unbiased! We don't work directly with internet service providers, allowing us to be neutral and more objective than other availability sites who partner with large internet providers. Internetbyzip.com is an internet service information and availability resource that freely diseminates our findings about every residential internet service provider we research.

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✓ We strive to be informative and educational! We understand you don't have all day to learn about internet services and providers. That's why we provide short and to-the-point question and answer oriented content that makes all of the nuances and terminology of internet services easy for anyone to understand.