4SIWI Bronze Wireless Internet

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4SIWI Bronze Wireless Internet Service offers download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 512 Kbps. Designed for those that live beyond the reach of DSL, Cable or fiber-optic internet, this high-speed wireless internet plan is a great way to check email or social networking sites, shop online, or just browse the internet. The 4SIWI Bronze Wireless internet plan has no data cap.


/mo. The term of the agreement shall be for two years. Agreement shall automatically renew for additional one year terms unless and until one of the parties provides written notice of termination to the other. Early termination fee of $85.00 may apply. Not all products, prices and services available in all areas.

Order service: 618-997-7494
Broadband Type: 
Wireless Internet
Max Download: 
Up to 1.5 Mbps
Max Upload: 
Up to 0.5 Mbps
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